Gas Detection System-Calibration

HW Gas Service and Calibration division are uniquely positioned to provide rapid deployment of gas detection equipment to meet clients' most demanding contract demands. A dedicated team of service professionals complement our impressive asset base. Our breadth and depth of expertise and vast knowledge and experience enable us to provide our clients with innovative, practical and cost effective solutions to their service requirements. We offers a full range of services ranging from technical support over the phone or internet, commissioning of new equipment installations, on-site preventative maintenance and calibration services on multi-vendor equipment, and full system analyses. Our highly skilled technicians are also able to offer on-site repairs, minimizing system down time, and associated repair costs.

Gas sensors need to be calibrated and periodically checked to ensure sensor accuracy and system integrity. It is important to install stationary sensors in locations where the calibration can be performed easily. The intervals between calibrations can be different from sensor to sensor. Generally, the manufacturer of the sensor will recommend a time interval between calibrations. However, it is good general practice to check the sensor more closely during the first 30 days after installation. During this period, it is possible to observe how well the sensor is adapting to its new environment.

Factors that were not accounted for in the design of the system might surface and can affect the sensor's performance. If the sensor functions properly for 30 continuous days, this provides a good degree of confidence about the installation. Any possible problems can be identified and corrected during this time. Experience indicates that a sensor surviving 30days after the initial installation will have a good chance of performing its function for the duration expected. Most problems—such as an inappropriate sensor location, interference from other gases, or the loss of sensitivity—will surface during this time.