Gas System-Operation and Managment

Gas being an essential utility, can affect your business if stopped in the middle of your business. Any maintenance in gas networks have to be done immediately to avoid potential damages due to leakages or fire. We understand the importance and thus maintain a dedicated team for the maintenance operations. We operate and maintain gas systems for various hotels, residential buildings, shopping malls, factories and restaurants. Customers holding our maintenance contract will have emergency response service as well as preventive maintenance visits to check the system periodically. Any faults or damages will be attended immediately.

We also provide service in operating the LPG network on behalf of the building owner, where there are multiple tenants using gas facility, as in the case of residential apartments, shopping malls etc. Our gas utility service team takes monthly readings from the gas meters and bill to the tenants accordingly. We have various payment facilities for the convenience of the tenants. We also provide the most advanced and cutting edge telemetric service to remotely monitor the gas tank volume and ensure the continuous supply of gas for the customer.