Trading and Distribution

Bulk Gas Trading

The core business of our company and group itself is trading and distribution of LPG gas in the emirate of Dubai. For more than couple of decades gas has been our business, and we have been successful in keeping pace with fast growth of the emirate. Bulk LPG is the most preferred solutions for industries, factories, hotels, restaurants and residential building and is getting increasingly popular in the UAE. Our industry experience and knowledge of handling the flammable gas has empowered us to venture in to bulk LPG trading, and thus happened to be the first private company to be approved for the distribution of bulk LPG in gas tankers. We are an authorized supplier for EMARAT petroleum, and hold all necessary approvals from related government authorities like Civil defense, Economic Department etc. Our gas tanker drivers and operators are well trained and hold the Dubai civil defense training certificates for operating and handling flammable gases. We value the importance of safety in our operations and continuously invest in training our staff and creating awareness among our customers. Currently we maintain a well established delivery fleet and monthly sale of over 2 million liters of LPG fuel to satisfied customers throughout the emirate.

Domestic and commercial LPG cylinders

We have been functioning as an approved distributor for Emarat Petroleum and Emirates gas since Year 1994. Since then we have developed ourselves as a reputed service provided for the LPG industry, catering to the various residential communities and commercial customers. We have distribution of all range and capacity of cylinders starting from 11kg, 22kg, 44kg as well as barbecue cylinders. We have a fleet of more than 40 trucks operating all over the UAE and our trained staff is able to cater to your LPG requirements in a safe and responsible manner.


LPG has been a preferred fuel not only in the region but to other developing regions like the Africa and Asian countries. We operate a fleet of ISO Containers to export LPG to many government and private customers across the world. We have a dedicated storage and handling yard in Ajman to help our international customers take delivery of the product at their ease and convenience. Moreover we have good partnership with shipping and freight handling companies specialised in the shipment of dangerous goods and fuels.