Quality and HSE policy

Our quality policy is based on quality assurance as a part of the entire organization. Quality, reliability, on time delivery and consistent service are to be our greatest asset. This applies to the entire organization both in terms of products, people and our way of doing business. Our customers shall always feel confident that our products and services cover their needs and meet or preferably exceed their expectations. This policy can only be achieved through targeted and systematic quality management. Our processes are constantly reviewed and validated to ensure maximum output and efficiency.

Moreover we have been accredited by the credible BAS (Bureau of assessment) for the implementation of ISO 9001-2008 standards in our operations and business. We have been keen to practice the ISO norms and standards in every process of our business.

To ensure the above we have established and maintained a strict HSE policy in all our operations

  • Setting clear objectives and responsibilities for HSE performance
  • Fostering proper health, and safety culture throughout the organization
  • Ensure that appropriate training and PPE are provided for employees.
  • Establishing methods for identifying and assessing levels of hazards and reducing risk as low as possible
  • Conduct regular tool box talks to train the workers on proper usage of machinery and tools.
  • Conserving natural resources through energy conservation and minimization of wastage and emissions
  • Comply with international safety standards and specifications.